Saturday, January 12, 2008

Get Back..

Sweet Loretta Modern thought she was a woman
But she was another man
All the girls around her said she's got it comin'
But she gets it while she can

You see, in my memory this is how I remember the late 1960's, mention that period to me and this is how I remember the fashions, the hairstyles, the music, it was a wonderful era to be 14 years old and into your music.

In my humble opinion, this is the Beatles in their most productive period, the final phase, the "Let It Be" and the "Abbey Road" albums, the music for both being recorded during the first seven months of 1969 - the story of the relationship between the Beatles and the relationship between those two albums is convoluted and complicated but from those seven months of conflict and making up came (in my opinion) two of the best albums of all time.

I have a copy of the original Abbey Road album, the one with the misprint, bought in 1969 with someone else's hard earned pennies and then snaffled from them by me on the flimsiest of excuses that I wanted to "borrow it", I've "borrowed" it for nigh on 38 years now and it currently resides somewhere in my garage along with all of my other vinyl albums being as when I moved to this house last year I rather stupidly sold my record deck, for what reason I cannot imagine as I will now have to go out and buy another one but at least I now have the excuse to buy a usb record deck and transfer the vinyl direct to hard drive - in fact what a damn good idea that is, make a note of that someone, todays object of desire "a usb record deck" put it on the list along with a new laptop for Jodie.

Paul McCartney in an autobiog in my possesion states that the Abbey Road sessions were the beginning of the end for The Beatles as it was during this time that Yoko Ono's influence on John Lennon became obsessive to the point of stalking, up until that point there had been a hard rule among the band that no girlfriends were ever allowed at recording sessions but not only did John bring Yoko along to the studio she actually sat in a chair next to him for the whole of the time they were rehearsing and recording, an action that started a rift that would not be healed until many years after - its not obvious to see in this video but this one on YouTube clearly shows Yoko sitting next to John staring directly at Paul - rather off putting I would venture.

Other faces on this video are George Martin (of course) (the genius) and Billy Preston on keyboards who had more or less joined the band at this point had he not also been touting his wares around every other recording studio in London during those years, he must be one of the most prolific session musicians in history.


Whit said...

Coming from Tucson, Arizona as I do, this song was always special to me. McCartney actually lived there for a while with Linda.

Billy Preston is fantastic. I wish he got more recognition.

How high is Ringo in that video?

Anonymous said...

I needed a record player to play an Old 78rpm, which I bought off ebay! Someone loaned me a wind up player,I then recorded it onto my mobile :(
The song was a B-side of a Hit... It was never recorded again EVER. (No I'm not telling you what it was);-)
I still haven't returned the deck either! 'HMV' but I will one day Honest...

Anonymous said...

Psss... did you watch Ringo last night?

Gary said...

Didn't see Ringo last night, didn't watch any TV at all last night, I'm experimenting with Wordpress and some software to convert web site to eBooks.

Whit ... Ringo is VERY high on the video, especially the bit where his feet fall off the desk - George Martin never approved of drugs and refused to acknowledge that the band used any as long as they administered anything out of his sight - he did acknowledge in later years that none of the creativity would have happened without a little chemical help though :)

Anonymous said...

I need a little advise plz!
Is Netmeeting still used by Microsoft?

Gary said...

I haven't a clue, don't know what Netmeeting is !

Anonymous said...

On my internet options its Internet Call: NetMeeting
you have no-idea then ? :(