Saturday, January 19, 2008

Video Saturday - Two Masters

You see, if I could sing then I'd want to sing as effortlessly and with such a trademark voice as Tony Bennett.

Whilst the songs of Frank Sinatra resonated around our house when I was young (for regular readers will know that Frank Sinatra was my father), the songs of Tony Bennett were never far away from the record player either, nor for that matter were the songs of Matt Munro who my father insisted would have been as big as either of those two godfathers of croon if only he'd broken the American market.

My fathers legacy is that I now own Tony Bennett cd's of my own - an unthinkable act in the 1970's when I would fight for possession of the radiogram and the opportunity to put my Faces/Stones/ELP/Procul Harem records on, maybe it happened by osmosis, the steady drip of crooning at every waking minute finally affected the concious as well as the sub-concious part of my unwilling brain.

Stevie Wonder was always there of course, an artist who transcended the generations so that my father could also appreciate what he was doing, in fact most of the Tamla Motown artists appealed to both of us.

Having said all of that and despite the above video's ability to coat every brain cell with warm soapy water in a nice remains-of-the-day relaxing Radox bath stylee...

...I still prefer this version, complete with dolly bird go-go dancers, "oooh dolly bird go-go dancers" our dad would exclaim as he dragged his chair closer to the screen, "just how synchronised are they", not very is the answer...