Friday, December 30, 2005

Look pal, you're just being a bit too friendly now ...

I blame the Americans,

When I ring a call centre I want service, yes that goes without saying, I want service.

But I don't want the guy in the call centre to act like he's my butler, I don't want to feel superior to him, I just want the info then I'll go, he doesn't have to kiss my arse as well.

Just rang Nat West Bank because I've forgotten the PIN number on one of my new cards, well actually I haven't forgotten it as such because I never knew it in the first place, I just lost the letter that they sent advising me what the number was/is, its in the house somewhere but I can't be arsed looking for it, far easier to get Nat West to waste resources and post me another letter.

So I ring the call centre and ask the guy on the phone to send me another PIN number, he's happy to get an easy question and tells me he'll send it out today, all well.

Then he apologises because it might get delayed with the New Years Day bank holiday, I tell him I don't mind I'm not in any rush for it, so he apologises again and says it might take up to four days, again I say its not a problem.

So he thanks me for not making it a problem and then asks me if theres anything else I want to complain about - if it was me I'd want to get rid of customers as quickly as possible when they are complaining, but this guy wants someone to talk to, like I'm his local branch of the samaritans or something.

I tell him no, thats all, just the PIN number please, he thanks me for calling him, I say its no problem really, he wishes me a nice weekend, I say thank you, he then wishes me a happy new year, I say thank you and he still won't put the phone down, he says goodbye and I disconnect quickly before he wants a relationship.

Just send the fuckin PIN number, you're not my best mate.

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