Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Ramblings

Phew, what a start !

New Years Eve was spent in the Company of Five, five old friends and their wives who we have known since all of us males were very small and would play football together on the local cricket field (when the cricketers weren't looking) - thats over 40 years now and we are all looking at our 50th birthdays this year.

The Company of Five can be expanded to a dozen or more if needed but the five couples meet every month at one or the others house for a chinese meal and beer, so New Years Eve is usually more of the same.

Our children are now very quickly becoming very grown up and only one of the ten kids who could have been there (and would have been in the past) chose to attend this year, they've all got agendas of their own now.

3.30am I turned the disco lights and music off, seven hours of music from the 60's and 70's and a huge amount of wine and beer had made for a very succesful NYE, as had the spanish tapas that our host for the night had prepared, and at midnight we all drank a toast to one missing member of our regular party who is currently residing at base camp at the foot of Everest, being on a 14 day hike in that region.

Its was his 50th birthday treat to himself and he celebrated that day last week somewhere in the shadow of Everest, he returns next week and is having a belated party for us all so part of the NYE evening was spent discussing what his prezzie should be, I was nominated to paint a picture for him in the same way as I did for his 40th so started yesterday on an Everest sized pastel painting of Everest, I hope he likes the place and is not hating it by now.

Maybe when its finished I'll finally have a go at posting a picture of it.

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