Friday, December 14, 2007

The best Christmas song....ever

Yes thats right, its time to reveal the worlds best ever Christmas song, ever.

Its had some strong contenders of course, in no particular order...

The Beatles, I wanna hold your hand (1963)
The Beatles, I feel fine (1964)
The Beatles, Day Tripper (1965)
The Beatles, Hello Goodbye (1967)
Scaffold, Lily the Pink (1968)
Rolf Harris, Two Little Boys (1969)
Benny Hill, Earnie, the fastest milkman in the west (1971)
Slade, Merry Xmas everyone (1973)
Wings, Mulligans Tyres (1977)
St Winifreds School Choir, There's no-one quite like Grandma (1980)
Renee & Renata, Save your love (1982)
Cliff Richard, That awful christmas song about how virtuous he is that all the grannies bought (erased from memory)

...and many, many more appalling examples.

But Porky Pig caps them all, play it, learn to love it, you'll be singing it all day, I promise.


trollop said...

Not amused !

Whit said...

Am amused !

Zoe's Dad said...

Hillarious! And, I hadn't heard it yet this year. Thanks.

Gary said...

I think I shall make a feature this week of "The crap that we Brits have to listen to at Christmas" for we have had more than our fair share of rubbish songs in the charts at this time of year, its about time the crap-ness was spread around a bit.

Jeff said...