Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yet another Christmas #1

December 1971, in the two months before Bennie Hill foisted this pile of dogpoo upon the British record buying public we had seen Rod Stewarts "Maggie May" at #1 for five weeks and Slade's "Coz I Luv You" for four weeks, then along came Christmas and once again the record buying public lost their marbles and bought the first novelty record ont he shelf, its not like we had learned our lesson earlier in that year as Clive Dunn's "Grandad" had topped the charts at the start of '71.

"Earnie - The Fastest Milkman In The West" stayed at #1 for four weeks from the 11th Dec and it went from bad to worse when it was finally ousted by The New Seekers and their coca-cola anthem "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing", normality only being restored in February 72 when T Rex sold enough copies of "Telegram Sam" to oust the sickly sweet full of goodness aren't we so virtuous New Seekers - of whom I once went to watch one of their members (the blond one Lynn Paul) after they had split up performing in her role of icon to the gay population at the first gay bar in Huddersfield (its probably still the only one).


Dan said...

I didn't know there even was a gay bar in Huddersfield. Although I used to hang around ones in Leeds quite a bit in my mid twenties due to their unthreatening atmospheres

Gary said...

The Amsterdam bar, famous for its "revue" stylee entertainment, the only pub I've ever been in where everyone drinks up at the 11pm bell so that the glasses can be cleared from the bar and the two rather camp proprietors "drag up" to perform a music hall act on the bartop - wonderful stuff :)

Gary said...

PS - that was in the 1970's, it might not be like that now, the author bears no responsibility for any injuries sustained when requesting the current owner of the Amsterdam to drag up and sing Danny la Rue songs on the bartop.

Anonymous said...

I used to do a tap dance on bartops in the 70's to '42nd Street'.. Oh! the memories.. ( have the pics to prove it too)
I may even ebay them one day :)