Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas shopping...

Christmas shopping starts this weekend in the Jerrychicken household - its official.

Personally I have done my christmas shopping already and they have both just been delivered today by our postie - two teddy bears from Scotland for the two offspring, I can now sit back and relax in the knowledge that my tradition continues.

Suzanne on the other hand has booked me for a taxi run into Leeds this morning with Jodie to do her christmas shopping, and again tomorrow with Amanda to do her christmas shopping - its what happens when you have teenage female siblings, you have to christmas shop with each one seperatly unless you want civil war to break out in a random shop somewhere at the point where one sibling thinks the other is spending more than her.

They are all welcome to it, I've done mine, I'll be running them into Leeds and then coming home and puting my feet up for the afternoon.

If I had my way all of the family's christmas shopping would be done on eBay and it would be our postie who gets to do the runaround, and of course, secondhand goods are so very good for the environment.

PS - yesterday saw the safe arrival of identical twin boys into the larger family group as Suzannes youngest brother was presented with what must be the best early christmas present ever, best wishes to all of them.

Thats another two bloody presents to sort out then.

Wheres my eBay password ?

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