Monday, December 25, 2006

Does this make me "churchy" now ?

Last night I went to church.

For the first time in 50 years I voluntarily went to a church service that didn't involve someone getting christened, married or dying.

I can't say that there has been any particularly enlightened episode, blinding lights, voices speaking from the clouds that sort of stuff, its just that, well, there was nothing else to do and a friend (who apparently goes regularly although I never knew) promised me he'd take a hip flask of whisky to ease the boredom, I was hooked.

Suzanne and Jodie had been to the afternoon christmas eve crib service and were going back for the midnight mass so I stayed awake long enough to join them

It was wierd, religion is a wierd thing.

If you started your own religion today and invited people to your house to sing songs out of tune using unintelligible lyrics and chant strange soothsaying things to something that no-one else can see or hear then you'd be labelled as a buffoon and referred to a psychiatrist.

And yet that is what happens to millions of people all around the world every day, and last night a hundred or so mainly, it has to be said, old people stood in a darkened church holding a candle each and sang six christmas carols while the vicar at the front instructed them to stand up, sit down, chant some things, wave some smelly stuff around and then have a sup of wine and a bit of bread - I didn't join in that bit as I'd already eaten thank you.

It was strange, neither positive or negative, and I'm as sat on the fence this morning about religion as I was yesterday morning.

I just don't "get" it ???

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