Monday, December 04, 2006

We've been busy this weekend...

This weekend we have been busy - we have sold our house and we have bought a new one, a smaller one, it will save us some money, which my wife can then spend every month, its the way things work.

Or that is we have found someone who has promised to buy our house as long as another person buys their house so that they can then afford to buy our house, and we have promised someone that we will buy their house as long as the person who has promised to buy our house does so, which of course depends on the other person buying their house doing so.

Its how the English system of buying and selling property works.

Yes we know it sounds daft, but at any time right up until almost the day that you move all of your stuff out of one house into the new house, one person could change their mind and the whole thing stops and you go back to the "Start" square on the real life Monopoly board again.

So we sit and wait now and in several weeks time maybe our solicitor will ring and tell us "we're ready for you to sign the contract now, PS, I am charging you plenty for this phone call"

Or maybe not.

We've done this seven times now so we know the ropes and we're not holding our breath until everyone has signed a legally binding contract in a few weeks time, which even then is not as firm as it sounds as they could still pull out of the deal.

But at last I will be rid of our next-door-but-one crazy neighbour and his menagerie of filthy noisy farmyard birds and flying rats (pigeons) - his latest aquisition is a cockerel who so far has woken me up at 4am on Sunday morning with his crowing, and 1am last night with his crowing, the bird is as fucking crazy as its owner, it must be the worlds first nocturnal cockerel, I bet even the chickens are sat there telling it to shut the fuck up and go back to bed, its like a child on christmas morning waking up asking if santa's been yet, except this one keeps the whole neighbourhood awake - if only possesion of guns was legal in this country.

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