Saturday, September 29, 2007

What we gonna do ?

Another week another Saturday video...

But its not the obvious choice from Disney's "The Jungle Book", the obvious choice would be "I wanna be like you", no, instead this is a largely ignored one minute clip that is lodged in the Museum of Recollections portion of my brain.

Why ?

Because its a routine that we used to go through every single week in the pub on a saturday night, word perfect we were, four of us 18 year olds sat there, pint in hand at the start of another saturday night, prime of our young lives we should have been in the big city, bright lights, haunting the pubs and clubs of downtown Leeds searching out the company of young ladies of easy virtue (hopefully) and getting blind drunk enough not to be able to take advantage.

Instead we'd sit in a scruffy suburban pub, four of us perched on stools around a small circular table with not one clue of what we wanted from the night or where to go and get it.

"What we gonna do ?" one would ask
"I don't know, what do you wanna do ?" another would reply...

...and we'd have to go through the vultures script, word perfect, Ringo impressionist too, until the one with the main speaking part would jump up from the table and wave his arms around shouting "I say what we gonna do, you say I don't know what we gonna do, LETS DO SOMETHING"

It means nothing to no-one else, it sounds stupid to anyone else, but its there, lodged and im-moveable in the museum and its instantly accessed whenever anyone asks me "What we gonna do ?"

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