Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The car is fine...

The car T-Cut up a treat, all the scratches came out and just left us with a small dent in the door and one on the wheelarch which might be persuaded to pop out if I can find a G clamp somewhere - I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about.

I'm writing this one off to another one of lifes pissing bad luck stories and have explained to the eldest daughter just what that means - its not worth persuing via the insurance company because those bastards will end up charging us through the nose for the repair and won't bother pressing the claim against the other party.

We had a long conversation about how crap life can be sometimes and I used the example of how her mother was once deemed to be 50% to blame when she was parked in her car, in a car park, and someone reversed into her - presumably the insurance company must have argued that the collision wouldn't have happened had she stayed at home that day - I feel like a very wise old man when I impart these pearls of wisdom to my innocent and gullible daughters these days.

So there we have it - One day a total shit will damage your car and when they do you then have to decide whether its worth dealing with the shits who run the insurance companies, or whether to save your time and energy and use it to enjoy yourself elsewhere.

oh yes, nearly forgot - she broke the CD player in the car last night.


Anonymous said...

On the other hand, our car was written off by an ininsured knobhead outside our kid's school. The insurance company paid us up in full within a week (much to my surprise). But the police couldn't be bothered prosecuting him for driving dangerously outside a school.


Gary said...

I've never had a problem getting claims settled from insurance companies - its when they start to apportion blame much later that you find out that your claim wasn't settled by the other party but by you.

If anything I'd guess that an uninsured driver claim would be easier for them to deal with as they have a central fund to claim from don't they ? There certainly isn't going to be much of a defence from the knobhead for them to argue the toss over.

Anonymous said...

You're probably right Gary. On our previous insurance claim, we were shunted from behind. Not our fault, but the guy who shunted us and the guy who shunted HIM argued about who shunted who first. Since one of the shuntees was insured with the same insurers as us, they paid us half our excess and told us we'd get the other half when the claim was settled.

Several months later, we found out that they'd closed the case, having failed to agree who's fault it was, without paying us. Once we threatened to take both our car insurances, home insurance and contents insurance elsewhere, the cheque mysteriously arrived.

Gary said...

They're bastards, all of them.

The thing is that people have the impression that insurance companies, especially car insurers, act on their behalf after accidents, a bit like a lawyer would, you expect them to represent you in the claim.

They don't, they act in their interests, which aren't necessarily the same as yours, even though it was your accident and your policy they are debating.

I have this vision of two car insurers meeting every Friday with two huge piles of folders, "I've got 2000 claims here against your company this week", "Yeah well I've got 2000 of my own against your company", "Knock for knock then ?", Yeah, is the pub open ?"