Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Waynes toe is better now

I can't describe to you how pleased I am at the news that Wayne Rooney's toe is much better now thank you, what with him running up and down and kicking a football again, its much much better and he should be alright for the world cup.

How relieved I am, I've hardly been sleeping with worry.

No really.

So relieved am I that I may even go out and buy some England flags with which to bedeck my house, like this tosspot in Sunderland did, why is it always the ones in social housing that have to go overboard with house decorations, did his local supermarket run out of cider that week so he bought flags instead ?

Which reminds me, I've got an estate agent coming to value the house on Thursday, it'll annoy Suzanne no end as she's still away and has no idea that we're selling this place, if she stays away much longer we might have moved when she comes back.

Actually its her idea, we want to downsize to shake off most of this horrendous mortgage that we currently have, if this house is worth what we think it is then we can go down to a slightly smaller house on a new-ish development and owe less than half of what we do now and in the next ten years when my company pays me back what we borrowed against the current mortgage then we should be all paid up and done and dusted ready for me to retire in ten years time - thats the big plan.

Hope it works that way.
The alternative is that I work until I die.
And that sounds like a crap idea.

So not only do we have to keep the house clean for when Suzanne comes back on Friday, we now have to keep the house clean for the estate agent to visit on Thursday, its ridiculous having to run the dishwasher twice in a week, we've got loads of plates left in the cupboard and lots of space left on the worktops to pile the dirty ones up on.

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