Friday, June 09, 2006

Its certainly small, but ...

Went to see a nice house today, well a bungalow anyway, and was very impressed, it was option 2 from my post of yesterday and if we bought it I would save myself £70K, which isn' t to be sniffed at.

It would take a bit of a rethink as to what furniture and other possesions we took from here but thats a good thing as we've accumulated too much stuff here now and I'm getting in the mood for a de-clutter and a fresh start without all the crap, this family needs a possesions detox.

I'm collecting Suzanne from the northeast tomorrow, an early start and with a bit of luck and a quick turnaround I'll be back in Leeds before 2pm so I can go see Bramley RL play - none of that England nancyball shite for me, somehow though I think that with this superb weather we're having, she'll want to stay a little longer tomorrow, they are up at the caravan in Rothbury and she was enjoying herself tonight when we spoke on the phone. Leaving Newcastle at 2pm might not be a bad idea either as the whole population of this country will be watching the England nancyball game at that time so I might have the A1 to myself - I'll miss the Bramley game though.

Got another house to go look at next week and another valuation on ours from a different estate agent and then the decision needs to be made - do we go for it or not - at the moment the answer seems to be yes.

Was reading some stuff that an estate agent gave me today in whch they expressed their amazement that most other estate agents don't do accompanied viewings unless you specifically ask them to, whereas they do accompanied veiwings as a matter of course - and of course they are correct.

We have bought and sold seven houses now and when I say "sold" I mean that we have sold them ourselves even though we appointed an estate agent to do the selling bit, it never crossed my mind before that in fact all an estate agent does is market the bloody property and leave YOU to sell it.

The agent in question is valuing the house on Monday and if their rates are ok (I've been quoted anything between a three quarter percent and one and a quarter percent) then I'll go for them and their accompanied viewings, their office is right in front of mine and so all I need to do is give them the keys when they find someone interested - I like the easy way out, as I get older I get less and less arsed to do things, if this deal comes off and I can start takinga back seat in the business then I'm going to really enjoy myself.

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