Thursday, June 22, 2006

I like this one, can we buy it ?

Went back to see a house that we liked last night, the first time we saw it was on a bit of a miserable day and no-one was in so it was all a bit dark but still Suzanne and I liked it, we liked the location, we've lived on that development before and we liked it then and inthe intervening 20 years it seems to have grown even nicer now that some of the trees and shrubs are maturing.

So we took Jodie to see it, Amanda was working so she is out of the decision making for the time being, the house is being rented at the moment so isn't exactly spruced up for the viewings so we warned Jodie to try and see through all that.

And she loved it, wanted to stay there, wanted to buy it there and then.

Why ?

This tells you something of what goes on in the mind of a 14 year old girl with an older sister.

She liked it because both bedroom 2 and bedroom 3 were the same size and for all of her 14 years so far she's always had the smallest bedroom, with this house there will be equilibrium.

Oh yes, she also liked it because the current tenants have a house rabbit, a big lop-eared thing that followed us everywhere we went, I hope they take it with them though or Jake the retriever will be a tad disappointed that he isn't the most favourite animal in the house any more.

Time to make an offer on the house methinks.

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