Monday, June 12, 2006

When Jodie baffled the careers advisor

Was summoned to the school early this morning for a meeting with a careers advisor for Jodie, all of which is a bit premature as far as I was concerned as she is only 14 and like all 14 year olds, next week is a long time let alone discussions on what she is going to be doing for the rest of her life.

But still we humoured the careers advisor and went and sat in his office and he started by asking lots of questions on what subjects she's taking, what she's good at, what she enjoys, and it was plainly obvious that she likes practical things and not academic things.

Then he went through a list of job types and she rejected all of the office jobs, the legal jobs, the accountancy jobs, the retail jobs, and just when we were htinking that perhaps Jodie didn't really have any plans to join the workforce at any time in the future she mentioned that she likes animals and would love to work with animals.

The careers advisors face lit up as he thought he was getting somewhere now and so he turned to the page in his book that gave details on animal care and vetinary occupations, she told him in no uncertain terms that she didn't want to work anywhere that kept caged animals as she objected strongly to caged animals, which was news to me and I mentally unticked the box with the "Summer holiday good idea #24, Flamingoland" option.

She told him that a vetinary nurse would be ideal and as he looked up the qualifications required she added "In Africa" which sort of took me and the advisor by suprise, him especially so as he probably didn't get too many 14 year old students who wanted to work in Africa.

All he could suggest was that she tries to get a bit of work experience at a local vets in a couple of years time and then maybe takes a gap year with a voluntary organisation when she's 18, all of which was bleedin obvious advice which I could have given her without much research.

Still, at least it keeps him in a job, does anyone ever tell a careers advisor "I want to be a careers advisor" ?

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