Friday, June 22, 2007

Another one from the "I like this" bin

Why can't everything be so simple again ?

Why can't us menfolk simply wash our locks of hair, put on a pair of trousers that fasten up somewhere underneath our nipples ("what size chest are those trousers then ?") sling on a black polo neck and go out "birding" to a nightclub where dollybirds will be impressd if you can plant both feet firmly on the dance floor, raise both arms to chest height and sway from side to side (in time to the music not being compulsory), clicking the fingers of both hands as you do so - said dollybird being well impressed with your dance technique.

It was that bastard John Travolta and his daft dancing films that spoilt it for us lads, white suits and disco dancing, pah ! bloody ridiculous.

The Kinks, "lola", 1970.

Halcyon years.

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