Saturday, June 02, 2007

Papa was a ...born salesman actually

Now you see, there was a time, way back when, way, way back when, no, no, much further back than that, back when ah wor nobbut a lad, in the days when Tamla Motown was a music genre and not just a record label, a time when only tall, handsome black singing groups could get away with this sort of stuff and still look cool as the coolest thing you can think of, ice, that sort of cool thing.

The 18 year old jerrychicken woul dhave looked, quite frankly, ridiculous queueing up outside Cinderella Rockerfella's on a saturday night in a pink velvet suit with black trim on it, and when a funky groove hit the floor he'd have looked even more ridiculous trying to dance like this.

Why do tall handsome black singing groups achieve fame and fortune in such a manner when a skinny, gangly, pimple faced 18 year old white youth would be escorted out of any nightclub of his choice by a bouncer gripping tight hold of his earlobe if he tried to emulate this stuff.

It just wasn't fair.

The closest I came to a pink velvet suit was a blue "loon" style jacket with huge, fekkin huge lapels, rounded at the edges with black piping on, I looked shit-hot in that jacket I did, until I started to dance, then I looked like a skinny, gangly, pimple faced 18 year old white youth without even the first clue of rythmn.

Ned actually had a John Travolta white suit at one point towards the end of the seventies, a tailor friend of our dad's gave it to him because no-one would buy the fekkin thing in his shop, Ned only kept it for a matter of weeks until our dad sold it to a club turn friend of his - that was our family, you got to keep nothing if our dad thought he could sell it.

Anyway - The Temptations, although the track should actually last for at least nine minutes and be a lot funkier.

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