Thursday, June 07, 2007

How to be a politician, lesson XVII

Following on from "How to be the worlds most powerful President" post yesterday, we now have a perfect example of how to be a politician on the world stage.

Its right here.

The subtext is that Angela Merkel, German Chancellor (when did they elect a woman ?) is chairing the G8 meeting this year and up until yesterday she was proclaiming that this G8 would push for a 50% cut in emissions by 2050, and was confident that they would all agree to this - Tony Blair was too and before he set off for the summit told reporters that he and he alone would bring President Bush onside and get him to set deadlines for the USA, something that up until now has been impossible for the ostrich president with pollutant oil garnering friends.

Today the headlines shout "G8 Leaders Agree to Climate Deal" and so of course we all eagerly read the sub text to see if Bush really did agree to a 50% cut in emissions and whether or not they have brought India and China onside too.

And we read that Mrs Merkel's 50% rule has been "marked for serious consideration" but that they've all agreed to slow down the increase in CO2 emissions until the increase can become a decrease, over whatever time frame that involves and that "substantial" reductions must be the eventual target.

All of which means that there is no target.

The world leaders can all go back to their own countries and pretend to be funky and getting down with the green people and then not do much at all really because the next time they meet they'll be able to say "we're trying, really we are" and no-one will be able to deny that they are.

And Tony can come back here, hand the reins over to Gordon and tell him to screw us some more over fossil fuels because its all in a good cause, whilst spending the extra taxation on more guns.

I think its age thats turning me so bolshy.


John_D said...

Re your question about when they elected a woman, the election campaign was running last time I was out there - 18 months or so ago. The Christian Democrats (Merkel's party) posters bore the legend that my schoolboy German translated as "Won't someone think of the children?"

Gary said...

I'd never heard of her, did they deliberately pick a bag lady up off the street then ?