Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Compulsory listening

There is simply not enough of this sort of stuff available to the young record buying public these days.

I feel very privileged to have been in my mid teens when Marvin Gaye released the album "Whats Goin On" in 1971 and I have a feeling that I may have blogged this before, but it is one fooking greeee-at album.

This is soul music, don't let any of the gold teethed teeny bands kid you that they have or that they are "soul", they are arse-soul and they, and the ones who prescribe to modern-day "R&B" music would do themselves and us a big favour if they just stopped producing shite for twelve months and studied a correspondance course on Motown and Stax Records, or even just took ten minutes out and got a grown-up person to read this page to them.

Its a nine minute video, but you have to drink deeply of it.

I was there when it was first on the record decks.


Island Girl said...

I am somewhat young and somewhat wretched, but thus far I have avoided having an arse-soul or gold teeth :)

I enjoyed this, and I like most of his music. There is hope!

Gary said...

I'm on a mission !

Abandon ye charts, cast aside ye modern R&B, deny ye modern Soul...

Listen only to that which is written on the oracles at www.motown.com and www.soulsvilleusa.com