Friday, June 29, 2007

Edinburgh in August

Being that we haven't booked a holiday this year I set off on a t'interweb quest last night to find somewhere "nice" that we (three of us this year instead of four) could travel to for a few days rest and relaxation, or as the two females who will accompany me call it, shopping.

Cottages in Cornwall were investigated, some very expensive hotels in Cornwall were investigated, expensive in that we could have actually gone to the Carribean for less money, and then Cornwall was abandoned for having crap, dull cottages furnished in the "old person" stylee that only holiday cottages and old peoples homes have, and expensive hotels.

And then Edinburgh sprung to mind, I like Edinburgh, I've done Edinburgh on business trips and a stag weekend but I've never taken the females there, they like the idea of it, the search was on for accommodation in Edinburgh in August.

Its not easy - there is a thing called "The Festival" and another even bigger thing called "The Fringe Festival" going on in Edinburgh right through August where well-heeled classical theatre and opera lovers celebrate their passion in the city's posh theatres and the rest of the world celebrate in massive style in the streets and small upstairs rooms in pubs watching all sorts of actors, comedians and weird entertainers do thar funky thang.

I've heard nothing but great things about Edinburgh in august, street performers hindering your progress every ten paces or so, musicians littering the streets, it sounds fun and a great distraction from what the females do as a natural function - spend my money on clothing.

I sold it to the pair of them big style.

So I had to find some accommodation.

Thought I'd found the ideal solution immediately, a massive range of luxury modern apartments, lots to choose from, some in the very centre of the action, some in the suburbs, all from £69 a night - the email went off to the booking agents enquiring about availability.

Got the reply this morning, a long email bestowing the virtues of their luxury apartments, and to be fair they are not over-exaggerating, they really do look nice, and then right down at the bottom of the email the price - £250 a night.

There must be some mistake thought I, t'interweb said £69 a night, double checked and of course t'interweb says "from" £69 a night.

So £250 a night it is then, I do hope that they manage to fit at least one of their luxury apartments up their arses as I suggested.

Today not much work will be done, having sold the Edinburgh break so successfully to the females I cannot now back down, I have to find somewhere luxurious that operates as a charity for cheapskates who will not pay the "Edinburgh in August" premium.


Dan said...

erm.... good luck.

There was a time when I went to the festival on a regular basis, although only for the day and with my Dad (who was playing the accordion on a special "folk train" from Huddersfield to Edinburgh so we got the tickets free).

I never actually saw any shows, but I saw a lot of street entertainers and enjoyed it greatly.

I really need to go up as an adult, but as you say - it's where to stay. Perhaps glasgow and get the train over each day.

Gary said...

I've managed to book a family room (sleeps four) at the Holiday Inn Express in Leith for £140 a night and theres loads of travel Inn and Travel Lodge rooms going, even right in the centre.

Can't wait now :)