Friday, June 15, 2007

Hoo-ray, hoo-ray, its a 'olly, 'olly-day

I'm taking a day off today.
Thats unusual.
I would never have done that when I owned the company
Now that someone else does I'm taking full advantage of their generous paid leave allowance.

So what to do, where to go ?

Moving house, thats what.

Again ? I hear you all cry, why it was only March 8th that you last moved house.
But its not me this time

A pair of very old friends are splitting up today, they've only known each other for nearly thirty years, only been married for over twenty years, only raised two children to teenage-hood, and now they have decided that they cannot live together any more and two months ago got a quick divorce.

They are part of, indeed founder members of our gang of friends who have known each other since childhood so its impossible to take sides and indeed we won't, so a big gang of us lads are helping him to move to his new house and a big gang of the girls are helping her move to her new house and if we meet in the hallway on the way out with a sofa on our backs we'll each trip the other party up, then point and laugh.

Its a sad day and yet they are both extremely happy of their parting - I can't help but think that there will be tears before bedtime though.

I hope he has beer for when we've emptied the van at his new pad, beer, chairs and a roaring fire in the chimenea outside in the yard and we'll be there all night.

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