Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm x-rated...

Online Dating

According to this site, then this site is for adults only, no-one under 17 allowed, its rude, very rude.

According to that site the rating is issued due to the use of the words "pussy" (eight times) and "cock" (four times).

What the fucking dumbfuck twats don't realise is that the word "pussy" was used eight times to describe my old history teacher Pussy McNeil (fuck, I've used it again) and the word "cock" was used to describe the cock-bird canaries that Jon-ner gave me.

What a set of fuckwit knobs, its not like I use bad language a lot.


But Why? said...

The mind boggles...

Being a clean living (read 'boring') soul, when I did a similar test, I found that my blog was clean enough for general admittance (having used the terrible word 'dead' once).

I assume that there is no sort of image recognition applied...?

But x

Gary said...

I now hesitate to write of our old Physics teacher, Fanny Hilton.

John_D said...

Mine has the same rating as yours Gary. Why? Because I've used the word 'torture' twice and 'gay' four times. Gay? For fuck's sake.... Bleedin' homophobic bastards.