Saturday, July 28, 2007

Anthony and the Johnsons

Sometimes when you're watching TV you witness something new, something that makes you sit up and say to yourself "that thing there is bloody good, I shall look out for that later" or words to that effect.

November 2005 had such a night for me as the Jonothan Ross show drew to a close and he introduced a hitherto unknown Anthony and the Johnsons with Boy George guesting - they were bloody good.

I've since listened to a lot of Anthony and the Johnsons and my opinion hasn't changed, Anthony Hegarty has a unique voice and an incredible unique way of singing and phrasing and is well worth a purchase.

The band won the Mercury Music Award prize in the Best Album of 2005 category for "I Am A Bird Now" beating Leeds yoof band The Kaiser Chiefs who, due to their general gobshite demeanor and lack of class suggested that they should have won the award instead as Anthony etc weren't a British group - someone took them to oneside and explained that yes, they were, and they sidled off to play on the swings outside instead.

The nominations for this years Mercury Musc Awards have just been made and my review of all the nominees will follow shortly, just as soon as I can be arsed sitting through some of the crap that is...

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Anonymous said...

That was beautiful!

I dislike The Kaiser Chiefs.