Sunday, July 01, 2007

A busy weekend...

Terrorist attacks in London, Glasgow and Ibiza, a ban on smoking in public places throughout the UK now in place, several areas of South and East Yorkshire still under water and still under threat of more flooding, Saint Diana Princess of Hearts Memorial and Hand Wringing Concert tonight featuring Dame Elton John and no doubt George Michael too - its a busy, busy weekend.

All this plus the news that a cheese sculptor in Little Chute Wisconsin has carved a replica Mount Rushmore out of a 700lb block of cheddar cheese. Troy Landwehr, described as "a vetran cheese carver" has been creating cheese art for 20 years now , "its amazing where the power of cheese has taken me over the years" he said in an interview with a Wisconsin newspaper reporter, yes it is Troy we all shout back in unison, its even taken you onto the front page of the BBC's main News web page on a day when Prime Minister Golden Brown puts this country on a full alert for more terrorist attacks - cheese is what we need, cheese sculptors in particular, if this country were full of cheese sculptures then those pesky terrorists wouldn't bother coming here just as they obviously don't bother with Little Chute Wisconsin.

Oh yes, one other thing, Troy Landwehr, cheese sculptor, ends his interview by stating that "...they love eating good old Wisconsin cheddar down south", fook off Troy, chedder is a British cheese, you ain't claiming cheddar cheese for the good ole boys, no siree, do that and we'll come across there and whoop your sorry colonial asses like we did in 1783 - or not.

And one final thing, this household is currently under a news blackout being that Amanda (our eldest daughter) is due to fly to Ibiza next saturday for a weeks holiday and for a weeks peace and relaxation of my wallet strings for me - the last thing I want is for her mother, the one who insists that she legally has the right to remove money from said wallet under the terms of a marriage ceremony that she swears I partook of in 1983 (I remember nought), to see said news reports and decide that eldest daughter will not be flying into an airport that has had a bomb removed from its doorstep yesterday.

Couple that with the fact that all UK airports are today on a red alert and that vehicles are not being allowed to approach the terminal building at all in case one of us wants to crash into said buildings and set fire to ourselves in copycat mode (I'm not so sure about that personally), and the fact that its muggins here who will be dropping daughter and boyfriend off at Leeds/Bradford airport next weekend, despite the fact that they could simply walk themselves and their lugage across three fields from our house to get there, then you see how much I am looing forward to the short but troubled journey next weekend, the saving grace being that the one who is allegedly wed to me and the youngest daughter will be in Newcastle next week (guess who is driving them there, and then going to pick them up afterwards) and will miss the moment when I drop off eldest daughter and boyfriend two miles away from the airport and tell them to walk the rest, they pointing out quite rightly that it would have been quicker to walk across three fields to get there.

Painting today, more painting, I love weekends when she's not speaking to me.

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