Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lets go for a walk...

Today is a holiday for me, a day off, I have reverted to the custom of taking every Wednesday off during the school summer holidays, like I used to, in order to take the children somewhere "worthwhile" like a museum or some other educationally fulfilling place, like shops for instance.

The children are now not children anymore however and talk of trips to "worthwhile" places are met with bored stares as the TV is flicked to an MTV channel or some crappy american teen sitcom where gobby kids get the better of their parents all the time - just like real life then.

Yesterday was a sunny warm summers day, today it is dull and raining - 'tis ever so when I take a day off - but the plan is to go for a walk, to stride off across some fields with a knapsack on my back and be cheerful in that way that only hikers can be in the rain.

I have a map, a proper OS map with contour lines and everything, I have a walk plan downloaded from those nice people at, its a short stroll of 4 or 5 miles which includes a crag to climb up and a nice tea shop at the end.

Thats the plan anyway.

I suspect that shopping may win over the plan though.


Dan said...

You should take them to Manchester airport to watch the planes landing. That's what I did yesterday and it was a great success.

Of course you do live near the airport so it won't be a novelty. and your children are slightly older than my three year old.

But you never know, it might work.

Gary said...

Change of plan eventually - more later.

But you're right, I'd enjoy the airport thing but they would be bored on the drive over there especially when they get the same view out of their bedroom windows - although Manchester is a tad busier.