Monday, October 29, 2007

A nice little earner

Yesterday the UK switched to Greenwich Mean Time from British Summer Time, in other words we moved our clocks back by one hour, nothing remarkable here then.

Except that this morning, Monday, the first day at work after the clocks have gone back used to be a nice little earner for us, being that we are loosely connected to clocks in our business.

My dad was always very keen to work for cash, as he saw it the cash work was his and the taxman could pick the bits out of the stuff he invoiced on proper invoices, so twice a year we'd have dozens upon dozens of distraught customers ringing us to tell us that they couldn't reset their clocks and he'd usually persuade at least half of them that they'd crawl their way up our fictional "priority ladder" if they paid the engineer cash when he called - and they did.

This is decades ago mind you, just in case anyone from HM Customs and Revenue reads this, I mean, it was nothing to do with me, oh no, nothing whatsoever, and I never benifitted from this underhand accountancy, never, not at all, not one bit, no sireee, not me, and its decades ago and the books are all destroyed now so you can't prove nowt anyway, ya boo sucks.

Have they gone yet ?

Anyway, so we'd go do the calls, collect the cash, and divvy up in the office afterwards, a proper nice little earner it used to be the day the clocks went back.

Now these electronic bastards are clever enough to know when the clocks go back and they do it for themselves.

Bugger, no fiddles there then.


Grannymar said...

There was I thinkin you were an honest man! ;)

Anonymous said...

I do not believe in these modern day contraptions. Give me an old punch hole any day. Happy days from the customers petty cash box