Friday, October 05, 2007

We're not geting any younger...

Video Saturday again and this week its the turn of two old guys who sing the same song, one of whom wrote it in 1970 and made it is own back then and the other one recorded it just weeks before he died and made it far, far, far more poignant than the first one ever did.

I love Gordon Lightfoots song, Iove his original recording, love this video where he's singing it in his 60's, love the fact that he's still cool, still valid, still able to kick the arse of anything that Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell have ever shat from their kindergarten kareoke classes, click the button and regard.

The version (below) by Johnny Cash is just awesome, taken from the album "American V : A Hundred Highways" which was released posthumously last year it is a collection of the last recordings that Cash made on which the 71 year old, crippled with the degenerative nerve condition autonomic neuropathy and grieving for his wife of 36 years who had died just months earlier, Cash recorded the vocals for this song shortly before he died, the instrumentals being added later.

It was always a melancholy song, its supposed to be, but listening to the two old guys sing it brings a whole new meaning to the word melancholy, "if you could read my mind" indeed.

The old blokes can still do it.

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