Sunday, October 21, 2007

One down, one to go...

So England lost the Rugby Union World Cup Final on penalty kicks, lets move on, its a busy sporting weekend.

Or perhaps linger here for a just a few seconds to ponder on the style of the defeat last night, five penalty kicks to two, no try's scored in 80 minutes, only one team getting even close to the other teams try line on one just occasion only to have the try disallowed for clearly putting a toe into touch.

Points scoring is an area where I've suspected for a long time that rugby union has got it wrong and that rugby league is right, or at least more right. Five points for a try, three for a penalty and drop goal, two for a conversion against four for a try, two for a penalty or conversion and only one for a drop kick - its a more equitable points system and forces the emphasis of the game onto try scoring rather than hoping that the other team give you a kickable penalty through one of a myriad of technical offences, because while you're waiting for that penalty you could just as easily find yourself giving away penatlties up your end of the pitch - just a thought.

So, Lewis Hamilton has the opportunity to lay his hands on the F1 Drivers Championship today at the Brazilian Grand Prix,a circuit that until this weekend he has only ever driven on his Sony Playstation, so thats like me then, I won the F1 2000 game on eyear and I too loved the Interlagos circuit but then my addiction to computer games faded, real life beckoned once again and the Playstation eventually went to a charity shop where it probably still resides high on a shelf somewhere with a 20p label stuck forlornely to it.

Lewis Hamilton on the other hand suddenly burst upon the F1 scene this year with...

...and thats as much as I can write about F1 racing.

You see, its incredibly tedious.

I like the build up to a race, I like the warm up lap, I like the start, the first corner, the first lap during which the finishing positions are sorted out...

...and then I switch off and go and find something much more exciting to do instead, and it usually only takes a few seconds to find something more exciting to do.

Driving a full length race at Interlagos on the Playstation would be one thing more exciting, I wonder if the charity shop opens on a Sunday ?


Anonymous said...

This should make you smile :)

Gary said...

Looks like a smashing place, I shall write of somewhere very similar that I used to frequent in my youth... maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

That was the area Alan Sillitoe wrote about 50yrs ago, 'Sat Night, Sun Morning'. Looks like it hasn't changed one eye-otah.
Shame the club closed last week! I never did get to frequent it, but I know lots that did...nuff said. :)