Monday, October 08, 2007

Our swish new library...

Following on from my recent reclassification as an old codger I visited our swish new library yesterday afternooon, brand new it is, just opened, and for some strange reason I had some books that were due back yesterday, don't ask me why because I didn't take them out on a Monday...

So I sneaked in during the afternoon, during the time that all rightfull people of my age should be at work and the only people who do inhabit libraries at that time are old me for instance.

It was full of old codgers.

Now the thing about this new library is that it is very swish, they have "chipped" all the books so that you don't wait for a miserable old woman behind the counter to stamp your book with a rubber date stamp any more, oh no, you just swipe your library card inside a new machine, put your books in a hole in said machine, and it checks them out for you, very impressive - it even growls at you like the old woman behind the counter used to, just to make you feel at home.

The problem is with this new technology is that most of the users of the library are old codgers, like me then, and they don't understand or embrace this new technology.

They had a librarian standing next to the new checkout machines yesterday, which sort of defeats the object of having machinery do the work of a librarian if you then have to get a librarian to do the work that the machine is supposed to be doing, but I'm sure the accountants have taken account of this, or maybe not.

I can't help eavesdropping and/or people watchign at times like this, its simple pleasures like these that make me get out of bed in a morning...

Librarian to old lady ..."Put your card in this slot love"
"Where ?"
"Here, this slot"
"Why ?"
"To swipe your card"
"Why ?"
"To check your books out love"
"I'll take them to the counter"
"Well yes, you can, but you can check them out here too"
"Why ?"
"Its quicker"
"Where, what do I do then, what ?"
"Put your card in here"
"In here ?"
"ooh !"
"Right, now put your books in this hole"
"All of them ?"

"Just one at a time ?"
"No all of them"
"How does it know ?"
"It just does, put them in here, see where its all lit up ?"
"Ooh yes, in here then ?"
"There, its done, would you like a printout"
"A what ?"
"A printout, it will tell you when to bring them back"
"Does it ?"

They stand and stare at the machine for a while

"I'll just go to the desk and get the lady to do it shall I ?"
"No you've already done it"
"Have I ?"
"Do I have to do it this way ?"
"Well you have a choice"
"I'll just go to the lady at the desk when I bring them back I think love"

I saw the librarian mouth "for fooks sake" while smiling at her.

Near the door were a very old pair of codgers, husband and wife, looked like they were ancient Victorians, christ knows how they had managed to get to the library under their own power or what day they had left home to get there, but getting back was apparently a problem...

Wife to Husband, "Shall I go get the car then ?"
"What ?"
"Shall I go get the car then, are you finished"
"Shall I go get the car then"
"Only problem is you drove it into the parking space"
"Well ?"
"Well it means I'll have to reverse it out, I don't like doing that"
"What do you think"
"Shall I go get the car then"
"Its just the reversing, see, reversing"
"I don't like it"
"So what do you think ?"
"Well we'll have to walk then"
"Can you manage ?"
"I think so, get me up"

I had to walk across the library and hide behind a bookcase at that point in case they needed someone younger and fitter to lift him out of his chair and onto the TWO walking sticks that he had, one for each bad leg.

You see I once got involved with an old codger who wanted me to hold his arm as he walked across an icy pub car park - I got him safely to the other side without him slipping and breaking any hip bones but I fell on my arse twice on the way and he had to pick me up and when we got to the road and I asked him if he'd walk me back to the pub he called me a cheeky young bugger.

I passed the old couple on sticks when I left the library, they were managing about five yards to the hour so god knows where they had abandoned the car which the wife couldn't reverse.

I'm not really like these people am I ?

Am I ?


Anonymous said...

One day Mr Chicken!!

(n e way .. you could have driven them home..:)

Anonymous said...

On second thoughts... you could have offered to reverse the car... couldn't you ?

Gary said...

It was an act of kindness to keep them off the road, hopefully they will have forgotten where they left the car - they won't be home yet anyway, not walking at that speed they won't

Anonymous said...

Had my flu jab last week... but managed to pick a virus up (on here)
Is lime wire safe?

Michael said...

My gran still hasn't mastered that Freeview box I got her.....

Gary said...

Is Limewire safe ?

Limewire is like having unprotected sex with the primate who invented Aids all those years ago, lots of times.

If you asked a bookie for odds on you NOT getting a virus from free music downloads then he'd throw you out on the street.

Anonymous said...

Its a No then!!

You also watched Stephen Fry.