Friday, October 26, 2007

Progress so far...

This will not become a diet obsessed blog - ok ?

Day One.
Breakfast - huge bowl of Kellogs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, glass of fresh orange (not so-fresh really, it came in a box), (ok its probably not so much orange as some sort of chemical orange, it tastes sort of orange-y anyway), one cup of black coffee - Total calories, who knows, probably lots.

9am - Cup of black coffee at work, resisted packet of custard creams - Total calories, coffee doesn't count as its medicinal.

11am - See 9am.

1pm - Asda chicken salad sandwich marked as 375 calories, one cup of black coffee for medicinal purposes.

3pm - See 9am

6pm - A masterpiece recipe taken from the Tesco Diets web site, Fruity Chicken Curry with Brown Rice - ok I added the brown rice bit, brown wholemeal basmati rice, shovel fulls of it. The only thing worth counting in the curry was one chicken breast and some natural yoghurt, the rest of the mountain of food in the pan that would have fed a small Indian village was fruit and vegetable, neither of which count on the Tesco Diet for they are, well, fruit and veggies and they are apparently "good for you". Wash down with one bottle of beer - Total calorie for the food, 570 according to Tesco, plus some for the beer, thats good enough for me then.

Total Weight Loss on Day One - I don't know, our scales are still packed in a removal box in the garage, until I find them progress will be measured in terms of belt buckle position - current belt buckle position - on last notch.

OK I admit, the portion of curry was huge, absolutely huge and I don't think I should have added the rice, there was no rice mentioned in the recipe so it was probably far more than 570 calories, there was so much food on the plate that I couldn't finish all of it and threw some away, if this diet starts to work anytime soon then its the only diet I've ever seen where there's too much food on the plate for you to eat at one sitting.

Tonight is a salad of some description so I'll see just how much of the stuff I can cram onto one plate, and whether I can lift the plate before eating.

This will not become a diet obsessed blog - ok ?


Whit said...

Coffee obsessed would be okay.

Gary said...

Coffee is a principal part of my diet, I skipped lunch yesterday, it being replaced by coffee, strong and black, on the hour, every hour.

It works for me.

Although I don't sleep for long.

Anonymous said...

I read about this!
Coffee alone, doesn't help you lose weight!!!

Gary said...

I picked up a leaflet from a health food shop today and read about Lipobind, it basically strips the fat from foods inside your stomach and fast tracks it to the toilet, an interesting concept.

And I beg to differ, coffee alone will help you lose weight, you'd probably die from starvation but a coffee only diet would be fun.

Anonymous said...

Its also good for lowering Cholesterol.

When you no-longer write this 'blog' thats when the black coffee diet alone has worked!!!

Anonymous said...


teech said...

Good news from the Observer today:,,2198862,00.html

Exercise is not proven scientifically to reduce weight. You can put the gym kit down.

A. said...

I knew there was a reason I was getting fatter. Every pound you lose is going somewhere, apparently attaching to me.

It's not being pregnant or anything.

Damn you.

Gary said...

Weight is just matter, you cannot just lose it, it has to go somewhere, somewhere in the world is another person getting fatter as I get thinner, it how science works.

Anonymous said...

Who The F's got my Money then? :)