Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fame at last part 2

So there is the Woman magazine photo then, starring in the main, yours truly.

What do you mean you can't see me ?

See the bloke on the far left with the grey suit on ?
Thats one of my cousins that is, brother of the groom.
Now move slightly right and slightly up and there's someone in a white shirt and a Newcastle Utd stylee tie.
Yours truly.
I'm going to live forever, etc.

Now come down to the four blue balloons in front.
Move to the right a tad and slightly up.
Theres someone in a long pink jacket.
Thats #2 daughter that is
#1 daughter is stood to the left and slightly behind her.
Current wife is stood to the left of #1 daughter
But you can't see her very well because Jackie Brambles hand is in the way - tee-hee.

Bottom right hand corner, young boy
Thats my nephew and godson that is.

It won't go to my head
Not yet anyway.

Tomorrow - the one about our wedding...


Zoe's Dad said...

Dashing! I say you've got your Christmas Card all wrapped up..

Gary said...

I never thought about that, you're right - photo edit a bit of snow in the background, santa on a sleigh in the sky and pixie hats on everyone - brilliant, I'm on the case...

A. said...

I think I found you all...

my eyesight may never be the same, but I think I found you all!

Rhea said...

I'm impressed.