Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tell me that again...

We use that line a lot in the office, me and Ned, whenever one of us has an idea, a really good idea, we let the other one go through a whole long explanation, then sit back, pause and in Olliver Hardy stylee say "Tell me that again..." and then the other one has to tell the scheme again, but all mixed up this time ending with "...and the profits go to the fish"

We laugh, every time.


Dan said...

Towed in the Hole is the finest Laurel and Hardy film in existence. And that is saying something as they are all genius.

Last year i gave a dvd of one I bought in a £1 shop away as a prize on my blog (I already have the complete boxed set myself).

Marvelous stuff.

Gary said...

A L&H dvd set is on my list of xmas presents to myself - to match the Bilko set that I awarded myself last year:)