Friday, November 23, 2007

The Melancholy Podcast...


If you read this post earlier then ignore all the guff that went before, the genius that is yer man at Allthatcomeswithit has provided me with a lovely pink MP3 player to embed (see, I even know the techy words now) so now to play my blather you should only have to click the play button - and wait for a short while for it to load of course.

I've left the link to the actual file in the title so you can also download the file from there, sad but true.

The only question now is how will Easyspace take to the fact that I've knicked a load of space off them and you are all going to be hitting my bandwidth, whatever that means, time will tell.

For those with a smidgen of interest this is the playlist (inbetween me blathering on)

1. Emmy Lou Harris - Boulder to Birmingham
2. Cat Stevens - How Can I Tell You
3. Jim Croce - Dreamin Again
4. Aretha Franklin - Angel
5. Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philidelphia
6. Frank Sinatra - I've Got You Under My Skin
7. Bob Seger - The Famous Final Scene
Intro & Outro - Count Basie


Dan said...

I haven't had chance to listen to this as yet (going to be after the kids go to bed, it's Amy's birthday so i wouldn't really feel justified locking myself in the bedroom for an hour - although it is rather tempting).

I use a different blogging platform than you (I use wordpress, you use blogger) and so embeding a media player is a lot easier for me because I have various plugins installed. However you should still be able to do it. Try this site:

Gary said...

Cheers Dan, I'll try it later today

Gary said...


Just checking the link on my office pc - it wants to download the file instead of streaming it - go ahead and do that if you want to but I'll try the embedding solution later today.

Gary said...

Dan you're a genius, thank you

Now you can click the title to download or just use the player, effin marvellous.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant !

John_D said...

Got a long trip down to Weymouth tomorrow, so there's some useful listening material.
Cheers, I think/hope.

Dan said...

If you do have a problem with easyspace let me know and i'll put it up on my blogs space as there is plety of room

Gary said...

Thanks for that Dan, those links made it really easy too, and the whole thing gave me half the excuse I needed to buy a new set of headphones with a mic attached - £5 in Comet :)

Anonymous said...

Where do you download your music from please ?

Gary said...

I use Napster a lot to stream music (play it without downloading), it costs £9.95 a month for unlimited streaming, t'would be illegal of course to record it while your streaming it so I don't do that, oh no, not me.

Napster is no cheaper than iTunes or any others to buy the tracks at around 79p each but I downloaded a free copy of Winamp this week to play MP3's on and they offer a service for downloading tracks at around 20p per track so I might look at that soon - search for Winamp and download their free player but make sure to select the 50 free tracks option to get all the details.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.