Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kewley was better than this

Remember the post about Kewley the drummer in our class at school ?

Well Kewley thought this bloke was fairly good - thats Buddy Rich, not Animal.

Animal was actually modelled on Kewley, the resemblence is remarkable.

Kewley thought Buddy Rich was fairly good although not as good as Kewley himself was, but like Kewley, Buddy Rich demonstrates at the start of the video the demonic possesion that resides inside all drummers which represents itself in the need to needlessly drum anything and everything, for just like Buddy Rich, Kewley was never seen in public without drumming something or someone's head.

It was bloody annoying I can tell you, especially in the 5th form common room when you're all supposed to be revising your O levels and I can't swear to it but I bet he drummed through his exams too, come to think of it what the hell must a drumming exam sound like at music college with a room full of Kewley's lined up at drum sets in an exam room stylee, the exam paper face down in front of them, each one nervously tapping their feet, eager to get started, and then at the command "You may turn over your paper, and no copying", armegeddon breaks loose and the examiners flee the building.

PS - a completely random thought whilst reviewing this post - how wrong is the sight of lady drummers on a scale of 1-10 ?

Think Karen Carpenter at the drum kit, think her from The Honeycombs at the drum kit or her from The Bangles, its just wrong, so wrong.

Its almost as bad as trying to watch a man operate a washing machine.


Jeff said...

I used to love watching Buddy Rich on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Kewley must have been one hell of a drummer if he ranked up there with Buddy.

Re women drummers, I don't think it's wrong so much as rare. There just haven't been any real dynamic women drummers out there... yet.

Gary said...

We used to see him on the Parkinson Show over here, he was a regular visitor - and his band were superb.

I'm trying desperately now to remember what the name of the big band drummer that styled himself on Buddy Rich was over here - he only ever played the local club circuit but they were a big attraction.

Eric Delaney - and my memory hurts a lot now, I may do some research on him.

Gary said...

Late edit - Eric Delaney was more famous than I thought, he's even got his own Wikipedia page :)

Seems to have been most succesful in the 1950's but we used to see him playing the northern club circuit in the 70's with his band - t'was very good.

Anonymous said...