Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dear god, does it fekkin matter ?

Yesterday a god-botherer lost her second appeal against her employer who had requested that she not wear her cruxifix over the top of her company uniform.

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British Airways are the employer in question and their company uniform policy states that religious symbolism should not be visible - end of story.

You can wear a cruxifix, they are not preventing you from wearing a cruxifix, you just wear it underneath your shirt, blouse, whatever.

But that wasn't good enough for Nadia Eweida, check-in desk clerk, who insisted that she be allowed to wear her cruxifix over the top of her uniform, to the extent where she was suspended without pay pending an enquiry into her complaint.

She has now been ruled against twice by the airline who have asked her to return to work with the cruxifix suitably concealed, or to take another job in the organisation which doesn't require a uniform and where the cruxfix rule doesn't apply - she's refused to do both.

Why ?

Because she is more than just a lady with a strong religious belief - she is a god-botherer.

She confirmed this when interviewed on that bastion of news gathering this morning - GMTV. During the interview she displayed all of the atributes of 100%, nailed-on (no pun intended) god-botherers, in that every sentence that she used had to contain a reference to her religious beliefs and/or her "father", "saviour", "lord almighty" and other such tosh.

She actually stated that it was not in her remit to decide how to wear the cruxifix, she had been told by the almighty to wear it outside of her uniform and she could not deny her saviour as she would have to face him one day and explain why she'd tucked the cross inside her shirt - lady that is one very petty and vindictive god that you are worshipping.

She's even got the Archbishop of York on her side who called the BA decision "nonsense", but of course he would say that wouldn't he, being that he wears the biggest cross you've ever seen outside of his frock on a sunday.

I have nothing but sympathy for people such as Nadia Eweida, but its sympathy for her state of mind rather than sympathy for her cause, she has a serious problem inside her head if she thinks that her god gives one flying fuck about how she wears her cruxifix, but therein lies the problem with god-botherers - they honestly believe that they have a direct line to their god and their lives are totally ruled by the voice in their head or the voice of a bloke in a frock at their local church.

We used to have a business competitor in Leeds who was a
24 carat gold-embossed god-botherer, the rep for Yellow Pages once came to us straight from a visit to his business and she couldn't get over the fact that he wouldn't make a decision on whether to take out some extra advertising until he'd popped upstairs and had a word with god to see whether He thought it was a good deal, she was flabergasted when god said that it was too expensive and would not make a good enough return on the investment, even more so when Bob, the god-botherer, explained that god ruled his whole life, god had given him his wife, his house, his business, the food on his table, and his Yellow Pages advertising budget.

Bob would sometimes pop in to see us at our office, have a cup of coffee, chat about business - but he never failed to leave us without trying to press a god-bothering leaflet into our hands, or to bless us, or get us to sing one of his little hymn-things with him, he never left our office without the words "fuck off Bob" ringing in his ears.

I will finish with a parable from that great prophet Eddie Izzard who tells the story of how God looked down at earth in the 21st century and was displeased with what he saw, he called for his son Jesus and pointed out to him all of the evil corrupt ways of man and how the world was in a much worse state now than when Jesus had been sent down to sort it all out 2000 years previously.

God spaketh unto Jesus and told him to go back down to earth and sort the mess out properly this time, to which Jesus replied "You must be fuckin jokin dad, don't you remember last time, they're animals down there, they nailed me to a fuckin tree for gods sake"


Lonie Polony said...

A nice young man came to my door the other day handing out leaflets proclaiming something about how everyone following the wrong religion was going to hell. I was preparing to slam the door in his face if he didn't go away, but to my surprise he left as soon as I said I wasn't interested.

Thank the Lord!

Gary said...

Maybe he was the Lord.

Maybe he took one look and thought "I don't want this one in my heaven" and moved on - he's a right vindictive bas'tad sometimes is the Lord you know.

Boss said...

She annoyed me by saying she was wearing the cross so that people would know Jesus loved them, not just her!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps when she was lobotomised it was done with a crucifix...?