Sunday, November 26, 2006

London's Expensive Olympics 2012 - part two

Remember last weeks blog about how the London 2012 Olympics seemed to be, well, sort of disorganised at the moment ?

And remember last weeks blog about how we get the politicians that we deserve and about how most of them nowadays are professional politicians who come striaght from university into politics without the benefit of a real job/life experience ?

Well have a little read of this.

It seems like our professional politicians don't even have the budget ready for the construction work yet, which is probably why there doesn't seem to be much work going on at the moment, and probably explains why the International Olympic Committee were dropping hints last week that something should really be moving by now in London.

It seems like, if we don't yet know what the budget for the games is going to be, then could it just be the case that we bid for the games without knowing what the budget would be ?

And if that is the case, can you imagine the board of directors of a PLC (lets call it The UK plc), bidding for a contract without knowing what their costs would be or whether they would make a profit - or not ?

Like I say, we vote people into government who have no experience of business life and then expect them to run the largest organisation in the country - The UK plc - as if they know what they are doing.

Here's a snip from the biography of the official Olympics Minister, Member of Parliament Tessa Jowell ;

Before her election to Parliament in 1992, Tessa had a career in psychiatric social work, social policy and public sector management."

So she was a social worker in the real world, that makes an excellent CV for the person in charge of the biggest building project in this country since the second world war, an excellent background for the person responsible for what could possibly be an £8,000,000,000 budget, I'm stuffed full of confidence, no really.

And we all know of Lord Sebastian Coe's CV for his post of Chair of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games don't we ?

Yes thats right, he, erm, ran some running races for a while and then, erm, became a politician, makes him emminently suitable for running the whole shooting match then.

They have got some professional people at the helm though - Chief Executive of the London Olympic Delivery Authority (no I don't know how many other organisations are involved either) is David Higgins - the bloke who delivered the Sydney Olympics on time and on budget, so erm, David, how about the budget then, have we got near to one yet ?

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