Thursday, November 09, 2006

Me and McFly

And on yet another music inspired topic...

I am apparently going to see McFly perform tonight as they switch on the Leeds Christmas Lights, or at least thats what my youngest daughter tells me, she insists that I stay and watch the popular beat combo after I've taxi'ed her into town.

Has anyone got the faintest idea of who McFly are ?


John_D said...

Not beyond your assertion of them being a popular beat combo.

So this means that all that bobbins on City Square will be gone by tomorrow? I do hope so. It impedes my access to the pub on a lunchtime. Bah.

Christmas lights in November? It;s an outrage.

Gary said...

You're telling me its in city square ?

I thought it was in millenium square.

I can see this evening turning into a pub event instead.

John_D said...

Just go the Vic instead. They've got Deuchar's IPA on, which is as lovely a pint as you'll get this side of Zanzibar.