Friday, February 23, 2007

On the move soon

House signed over, removal date set for 6th March.

Having done this seven times now I have finally relented and booked a professional removal company for the day, well two days actually, they load us up on the 5th, go away with all our stuff then (hopefully) come back on the 6th and wait for the keys to be handed over, sounds like a good idea to me and saves all of the hectic morning-of-the-removal panic and running around trying to get 30 years worth of possesions into boxes and on the van, the only thing that is causing me some deep thinking at the moment is what do we leave in the house on the 5th to keep us going overnight until they come back ?

At least one TV set obviously, with remote control, and the cable box of course, and something to sit on, food, some plates, cutlery, kettle, tea and coffee for the next morning, beds, bedding, clothes, stuff for the bathroom, Jake the Dog (he has to go to the office for two days), Jakes food and bowls, the list starts to look like being endless and you start to wonder just what it is that they'll be able to load up the day before, but its not my problem anymore.

This weekend Suzanne is away on a hen party "do" at Butlins in Skegness, yes you read it right...
I have spent many an evening laughing at the venue, seeking out web sites like this one in order to take the piss out of her and her merry hen party friends who will be attending the chav-est of all holiday camps on a 1980's theme weekend, then she came home the other night with an agenda for the party and I see that on Saturday night there are several live bands on including Madness, The Specials and Toyah Wilcox.

And at the same time I took a phonecall from a friend who informs me that the associated stag party next month, which we are staying in Newcastle for, has booked a hotel on the Quayside. Very nice thought I, Newcastles Quayside is where it all happens on a saturday night, not sure how a party of 50 year olds will fit in, but still. Then my friend tells me the name of the hotel and how he's read a review on the web where previous clients have described the place as "shit", "truly dreadful", "dirty", "bed bugs" - and you should have read the ones who hated the place.

Suddenly I don't want to go to Newcastle next month, I want to go Butlins this weekend to see The Specials and Madness, bastard, why do I get to stay in the dosshouse and get turned away from every bar and club on the Quayside for being too old, why do I have to go to Newcastle races on the Saturday, I hate horse racing, its the worst way to waste a day that I can think of and I can see myself becoming the miserable bugger of the party, in fact I can see the whole wekeed being a fooking disaster as the groom is not known for his organisational skills - its was he who booked six of us, full grown, adult males, some with beards, into a Travel Lodge in London one year under the description "The Graham family", two adults and two children, a boy and a girl aged ten and eight.

I won't tell you which one of us walked past reception as the girl.

Postscript : Moving day now set for Friday 9th


Chicken J said...

Nice chicken pic,ive nicked it for me blogg,ta Chicken J, ps Yorkshire rules ok

Gary said...

No problem - I nicked it from another web site :)