Saturday, February 24, 2007

Evidence of global warming ?

Take a look at this post from last year.

The frogs woke up and spawned all over my pond on 31st March last year, and I commented that that was a few weeks earlier than usual.

My pond is today full of frogspawn with around twenty frogs clambering all over each other to get at the females - there is also spawn all over the lawn so desperate are the dirty buggers to get it on they can't even wait until they get in the water.

Thats a whole month earlier than last year and I'm not suprised really, we haven't really had a winter here this year, its been an elongated spring with only a half dozen or so days where the temperature has dropped below freezing and only one day when we got what could jokingly be called snow.

The UK now has a mediteranean climate and I can't wait for a long hot summer.


Ms Jones said...


Gary said...

Its on its way...

Its just been delayed a tad.

Ms Jones said...

Les prévisions sont... Le 15 août

I love Babel Fish :)

I'm still looking for a humdinga for POTW !