Saturday, February 03, 2007

Why Bruce Springsteen Rules OK...

Friday night is my "browse Napster or YouTube" night - its a crap night on tv and I spend all of it sat with the laptop on lap, in-earphones rammed in ears, trawling for good stuff.

Bruce Sprinsteen is god, everyone knows that, but when I found this YouTube clip I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, its simply superb.

I heard the Springsteen Seeger Sessions when they were released some months ago - its yet another example of how versatile the perfomer he is, not many rock acts have succesfully drifted across to folk/country (Ghost of Tom Joad writing period) and back again, then back once more to take up some of Pete Seegers stuff, not many performers would consistently stick their neck into a genre that they have no right to sing and yet consistently proove that if you have the music and the belief in the genre in your blood then you can sing anything - compare and contrast to the myriad of singing acts making chart music who simply mouth the words without even thinking about the song.

So, "Pay me my money down", this clip (link above) combines American folk, Cajun and New Orleans jazz, its simply stunning in its simplicity and yet complexity at the same time - it just works and if you don't smile and tap your feet when you watch it then you must already be dead.

And while we're here,
have a look at this clip too, has a film sound track ever been written that is so, so synominous with its film, this one hits the button, its perfect, sums up the film beautifully even if you've never seen it, even if you've forgotten that you've seen the film it will instantly remind you of its haunting theme - haunting, thats what the song is and the shot of Tom Hanks towards the end of that clip is the definition of haunting, if the hairs on the back of your neck don't stand up then you too are already dead.

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