Sunday, February 18, 2007

King of Cool...

News that Bryan Ferry is to release an album of Bob Dylan covers is to be greeted with deep joy, the coming together of two artists who are up there on my "must listen to at every opportunity" list.

Of course its not the first time that Mr Ferry has covered a Dylan song, the best recording of "A Hard Rains a-gonna Fall" (YouTube link here) was present on his album "These Foolish Things" and "Don't Think Twice its Alright" was on the "Frantic" album, and I'm sure there were others but I can't think of them at the moment, lets be honest, any serious crooner who doesn't include at least one Dylan cover every couple of albums or so is just not listening hard enough.

But "King of Cool" ?
I wish I were half as cool as this , or this, and I wish the YouTube link to "these Folish Things hadn't vanished into the ethernet because that is the coolest video I have ever seen.

So instead, why not drift back to where it all began ?

Right, I must be off now - a day driving a rally prepared Escort RS2000 like a hooligan awaits, if I survive, I'll write it.

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