Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If I send them my address...

News that Cadbury's are recalling an undisclosed number of easter eggs simply because they are incorrectly labelled has been greeted with joy in my household from whence I have emailed Cadburyland in Birmingham with an offer to find a home for all of the totally ruined chocolate easter aggs with nuts in.

Not that they will have nuts in of course, its just that they might have nuts in because they were made on a production line that had previously been used for a product that defintely had nuts in it, confused yet ?

I can assure Cadbury's that neither I nor my family are allergic to nuts and we can give the bad easter eggs a good home, not that anyone else in my family will get a look in when they arrive.

One of the products that is affected by the recall is the Cadurys Fruit and Nut easter egg which has not been labelled properly as having the possibility of containing nuts because it was manufactured on a production line that had previously been used for a product that definitely contained nuts.

Now of course I can't be exactly certain of this, but if a product that has the word "Nut" in its name, like for instance "Cadburys Fruit and Nut Easter Egg" then surely anyone with a nut allergy will not touch it with a barge pole will they ?

Maybe not, maybe there really are people out there with nut allergys that don't actually read the inch high name of the product but instead read the ever-so tiny ingredients section around the back of the packet instead and not seeing any reference to "nuts" just plough on and eat the product that has whole nuts visibly sticking out of it, maybe thinking, "they cant be real nuts because its not on the ingredient list"

Of course this follows hard on the heels of another cadbury's recall last year when it was suspected that some of their Dairy Milk chocolate bars may have contained salmonella although the six month delay in informing the Food Standards Agency of the fact may have given them a clue that perhaps none of the bars did actually contain the virus after huge swathes of the nation were not brought to their shitting, puking knees at all.

Theres too much arseing around with foods and labelling these days, I'm sure I'm not alone in having a mother who would scrape the mould off the top layer of jam to get at "the good jam" underneath am I ?

No ?

It was just my mother then.

Anyway - send me your cadbury's easter eggs and I'll dispose of them for you, you can't be too careful you know.

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