Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This one won't go away...

HM Government stand up in court today to try and justify their astonishing refusal to accept any responsibility in the failure of the private sector pensions industry to provide the product that they advertised.

Why should HM Government be responsible for lack of any credibility from the private pensions companies ?

Because a decade or so ago HM Government decided that HM Government was not the sort of organisation that should be looking after its citizens welfare when they retired, HM Government would continue to collect National Insurance Contributions from its citizens but instead of being partly used to invest for a pension for those citizens the money would be used for...well...something else instead.

Apart from those people who work for HM Goevrnment of course, they can still have their pension provisions cast in stone, in fact they can have not just a pension, but almost their full salary paid long after they've stopped working - thats only fair isn't it

Isn't it ?

So because HM Government recommended, nay, urged millions of workers out there in the real world, out there beyond the four secure walls of a civil service job, to put their pension contributions into a scheme run by a private company rather than a government pension plan, and because they didn't just recommend but actually endorsed such action, endorsed and guaranteed that these millions of workers would be far better off with a private pension, because of that government ineptitude they are now being held responsible for the collapse of many of these schemes, collapses which take with them all of the shareholders investments - for shareholders read elderley men and women who have no other savings held aside for their retirement but the pension scheme which HM Government all but forced them to invest in.

And just in case anyone is in any doubt over the pathetic state of the private and state pension provisions in this country, does anyone remember my last post on my pension situation ?

Last March the Parliamentary Ombudsman severely criticised HM Government for the way in which millions of citizens were mislead into moveing their state pension "pot" into private schemes - thats the Parliamentary Ombudsman who was put in place by HM Government as a conduit to self discipline in HM Government, if you have a complaint about HM Government you take it to the Ombudsman, he reviews your complaint and makes a ruling that is binding on both parties.

HM Government have refused to accept the Ombudsmans ruling, preferring to go to court to have the ruling enforced in law, not that the law aspect has anything to do with it, they are going to court in the hope that the four individual test cases will not be able to afford the court fees and will drop out of the action - not content with over-ruling the Ombudsman who is there to see that government of the people should be fair and above board, they are now using financial means to frighten off any further challenges.

They are bas'tads and they should hopefully lose the case.

Unfortunately we all know what will happen if they do lose the case this week, they will appeal, and in appealing will hold the test cases to further ransom over the court costs issue.

Its a disgraceful abuse of power, nearly more disgraceful than HM Governments derogation of responsibility of state pensions, in this country which prides itself on its standards of social care, what are we doing when we deny people of 65 years of age and above a decent state pension to retire on and how on earth can a socialist government deny that it is their responsibility to provide such a thing ?

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