Monday, February 05, 2007

Whipping up the public opinions...

A consequence of t'interweb on news sites is that you can now quickly whip up a frenzy on any news story, for instance the BBC News comments page on avian flu.

Despite the virus H5N1 being almost impossible to pass to humans - being air borne the only way to catch it is to snog a turkey or stick your head up its arse in the same way that Mr Bean does (left) - the BBc comments page is full of sometimes hilarious and often hysterical outrage, for instance ...


"Is it a natural descease"? i have always wondered if it is man kind who is playing around with nature in the laboratories. H5N1, sounds very much like it is a mutant virus, developed in the lab, "can anyone shed any light on this, are these the result of experiments gone wrong."?

jim evans, brighton

Yes Jim, its a "decease" that a mad scientist has invented from within his workshop underneath a pretend volcano in the south seas, he picked Suffolk to release it because its near to where James Bond lives when he's not saving the planet.




mauro, St Ouen,Jersey C.I.

Mauro is so concerned that he's lost the use of his caps lock, that woul dbe those animal activists who carry out their acts of terrorism because they are concerned about animal rights then would it Mauro ? Passing on a deadly virus to the animals they are trying to save would be a good idea then ?

The recent infection in Suffolk highlights the disastrous consequences of cramming such a huge number of creatures in so confined a space. This is unnatural, and nature fights back. We need to listen and learn. Factory farming is a violation of nature's law, and the sooner we realise this and introduce sustainable agriculture, the better.

John Buckley, Reading, UK

Yes John, its that "Natures Law" again, what a shame we don't own a printed copy of "Natures Law" or that we can't stand Bernard Mathews up in court accused of "violating Natures Law", its not right is it John ? You did eat a turkey at christmas didn't you John ? Didn't raise it yourself did you ? Did you ask where it came from John or did you just pick the cheapest one in the fridge ?


This planet has too many people. It needs a cull. Nature is trying to do this for us. Better to be a bit poorer with space to live, than affluent living next to those we would happily kill.

Global warming will wipe out the economically unproductive, bird flu will kill the weak. Mankind will grow stronger as nature kills those for whom selection is exclusive, not inclusive.

The world is not ending, just cleansing.

P J Heamon, Lincoln

Are you related to John ?

Divine retribution if even there was such a thing!
The only victims are the poultry. I have no sympathy whatsover with the greedy humans that use and abuse the animals for profit. I just hope that they are not adequately insured.

sue catt, Headcorn, Kent

Are you related to John ?

And then just when you think that the lunatics have taken over the BBC, you get a sensible soul at last ...

I am in complete shock over this story, I wasn't aware that Bernard Mathews used real turkeys!

[Syni_Cal], Manchester, United Kingdom


I can't wait for the Jeremy Vine radio phone-in on Radio 2 later today ...

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