Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm counting you all out, and I'm counting you all back in

I've added a visitor counter to this site.
Its pathetic right now.
Because its stuck at four.
I'm going to have to visit as many pc's as I can and log myself in to get the number up a bit.

I could have told it to start at 1,000,353 to look good,
But its more honest this way
And as Stan Laurel said one day, "Honesty is the best politics"

But if its still at four next week
I'll nudge it along a bit.


Michael said...

I added one no-so-long ago as well. The fun part is seeing what people type into Google to end up on your Blog!

Gary said...

Its up to 11 now.

Don't know whether thats unique users or hits though.

do they Tilt if you Nudge them ?

Justine Rhett said...

I've added an odd one to that number. ;-))

Mystic mog said...

a. Bang - another hit
b. How do you "add a counter"
being completly computer illiterate - Im still using the standard blog issued by blogspot that I started with - but then again I'm an old git

Gary said...

Whey-hey, 18.

I got my counter from, just register with them and they provide a paragraph of magicical potion which you copy and paste into your site template.

And then, erm, some numbers appear.