Tuesday, July 04, 2006

We're going - its official

The estate agent sign is in the front garden now, they've been and taken the photographs, its on the web in all its glory - our house.

Its up for sale.

And within ten minutes of taking the approval of the text into the estate agent they rang with an appointment to view, who knows, the viewer tomorrow might even buy the place.

Which wouldn't actually beat our family record for selling a house, after he died we sold my dads bungalow within an hour of putting it on the market, but then again the estate agent did have a list of old codgers who were waiting to buy a bungalow in that street, he hardly earned his commission that day.

If we sell quickly we have a place in mind to buy, I've already put in a low offer for it and in doing so got rejected but found out what they'd be prepared to settle at, hopefully we'll find a buyer for this place and then its all settled.

If it takes a while and the first choice is sold then I fancy selling and moving out into a short term rent, maybe in the city into a new apartment, live the cosmopolitan life for a short while, eat out every night and learn to love caffe culture, the offspring would love that and it might turn into a long term plan, not sure how Jake the retreiver would take to it though.

Oh yes, I booked tickets to go and see "Grease" the musical in Bradford on Thursday, must get up to speed on the lyrics for "summer nights" and the like, can't be seen to be square or a grumpy old git, this is the prime opportunity to embarrass the youngest daughter and must be seized without hesitation.

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Mystic mog said...

Only if you wear the chest wig and the leather trousers !!