Saturday, July 15, 2006

This is where you check in...

Its all done, shes booked on the 18.50 Leeds/Mahon flight in two weeks time.

And Jake is booked in a nearby kennels for the same week, and he's had all of his innoculations today too, what a busy lad I've been.

Of course as soon as I confirmed the flight she started moaning that she had no new clothes to go with and somehow parted with £50 so she could go into Leeds to buy something.

There's one bit of bad news I'm saving for later for her - her baggage allowance is only 18kg or for those who prefer it in imperial measurements, thats just a tad under 40lbs.

If that doesn't sound much then you have to consider that last year when the four of us went to Menorca we had a 20kg allowance each, 80kg in total.

I packed my few tee shirts, a couple of pairs of trolleys and some shaving stuff and then left the three females to pack their own suitcases.

Two days later and on the evening before we were due to depart I went to bring one of their suitcases downstairs, picked it up and the handle fell off, it was the one with the hair dryer, straighteners and an iron in, as well as 40 pairs of shoes a whole professional make up kit, 20 or so bottles of nail polish and lots, and lots, lets say an awful lot, of perfume.

After lots of tears and tantrums I finally got them to empty some of the baggage and having caught them trying to sneak some stuff back in I put the suitcases in the car where they couldn't get at them - at check-in our four suitcases weighed a grand total of 80.5 kilos, 177 lbs of luggage for a two week vacation.

She is going to struggle to keep below 18kg this year.

Sometime between now and the week after next I have to take her to the airport and show her where to check in and then what the procedure is after that, she's 17 years old and has been to dozens of airports with us but I doubt very much whether she has ever paid attention to how it is that you actually manage to get on the right aircraft and then eventually collect your luggage at the other end.

I'll be sat in Son Bou two weeks today waiting for the phone call that says "Dad, I'm at Leeds Airport and the man at the desk says I have to pay £134 excess baggage, its just some shoes thats all and I can't come without them..."

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Justine Rhett said...


tb and I always fret about how much we've packed, but we've never yet been over the limit and, when we see some of our fellow travellers, we feel positively saintly. Although it has increased in recent years as I've done my (late) discoevry of the joys of shows, clothes, make-up, perfume etc – and was given a lovely vanity case that just has to be full when we travel.