Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wishfull dreamin...

Nearly forgot,

When I could sleep last night I had a dream that I remembered in the morning.

I was driving an estate car down a motorway, my estate car had yellow flashing lights on top of it and a "motorway maintenance" sign too and I was wearing a big flourescent overcoat - I was a motorway maintenance man in my dream.

I drove into a section of roadworks where the left hand lane was cordoned off and the speed limit enforced by speed cameras and when I approached the first of the speed cameras I put the flashing lights on and stopped the car, got out, took out some tools from the back of the car and strated to unbolt the camera from its post.

It came off really easily because it was only held on with one bolt and I put it in the back of the car and then set off for the next camera.

After a short while I had uncoupled and stored six speed cameras in the back of my car when a police car stopped behind me and asked what I thought I was doing, I was a bit uppity and pointed to the big flourescent coat and the "motorway maintenance" sign on top of the car, then showed the police woman my worksheet for the day which clearly showed that I was to remove all the cameras on this stretch of motorway, she argued that the cameras were police property and that I had no right to take them, I told her that my company were sick and tired of its road rollers getting flashed every time they passed one of the cameras, one of our road rollers had picked up forty seven speeding tickets in one day and we'd had to take the number plate off the tarmacadam laying machine because we couldn't keep up with the fines.

She wasn't impressed.

The dream ended with me being sent back to the first camera and she stood and watched while I fitted it back to its post and then told me she was going to watch me put all six back.

I woke up in a bad mood.

So it probably wasn't the owls fault.

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TRT said...

I've heard of people with a flashing fixation, but this is ridiculous!