Wednesday, October 18, 2006

At last, some common sense...

Police are today doing the rounds of many West Yorkshire grocery retail outlets and urging them to apply a ban on the sale of eggs to under 18's until after Halloween - and quite right too.

In fact the police should ban the sale of eggs, full stop, for ever.

Eggs are evil things, food of the devil, I've hated eggs, boiled, fried, scrambled, poached or raw, ever since I was a small child and saw them for what they are - a product of a chickens arse.

I often wonder who it was who first watched a chicken lay an egg and thought "hmmm, that thing thats just dropped out of that chickens arse, I wonder what it tastes like ?" and did he run similar experiments on horse dung, boiling or frying the stuff to test its edibility ?

Foul, awful things, a ban is long overdue.

One drawback of course is that if the rest of you don't continue to eat eggs then this small island will soon be at chicken max, a situation highlighted recently by a comedian at a sportsmans dinner that I went to - the sort of function where chicken is always on the menu - and as he fortuitously pointed out "If it weren't for these sportsmans dinners this country would be over-run with fookin chickens"

Still, ban the buggers I say, and not just for Halloween.

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