Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We behave like perfect gentlemen..

A good friend of our is getting married next year, he's one of "The Originals" and by that I mean that we've known him virtually all our lives - a whole gang of us grew up together in this part of Leeds and most of us still live here - The Originals.

We've known each other for almost 50 years, we're all 50 years old this year.

How the fook he has managed to get away with not being married for 50 years when the rest of us signed up more than twenty years ago escapes me, but the bas'tad has been caught at last and his bachelor ways will come to an end in April next year.

The womenfolk all had a girlie night last Thursday and one of the things that came out of the drunken gathering was that the hen night was to be held at the end of February at a Haven Holiday Camp 80's weekend in Skegness.

I stifle my laughter very well when Suzanne told me, "ooh that sounds nice" I said encouragingly, happy in the knowledge that I would not be going to one of Britains trailer trash resorts for the shell suit clad, welfare recipients, Suzanne looked less than happy at the prospect.

She's been inventing her excuses not to go ever since, even though its still four months away.

Today I discovered where the lads are going for the stag weekend.

We are booked into the four star Mariot Gosforth Park Hotel for two nights with a day at Newcastle races thrown in and possibly a paintball session on the second day, a weekend suitable for the gentlemen about town that we are.

I told Suzanne tonight.

I wish I could describe the expression on her face.

I think she actually hates me properly now, I think she thinks that I have organised the whole thing myself.

I daren't tell her that Stag Weekend Mk2 (yes we are having two whilst the womenfolk have only the imagination to organise one), is a four day stopover at a golf resort, the venue to be decided by the only decent golfer among us when he gets back from his current trip to China - suffice to say that he tends to opt for the sort of places that only the well heeled inhabit and I'm wondering if I can convince Suzanne that its actually going to be a 60's weekend at Butlins.

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